Twenty Year Old Dream Comes True for Me and My Sister

Massage | Posted by Charlie
Feb 24 2015

All our lives, my sister Joan and I have dreamed of visiting London England. To us, it has always been a magical place were dreams come true. We both have a fascination with the royal family. Joan’s with the present-day family; Princess Diana and her family. Mine, on the other hand, has always been King Author, Merlin, and Queen Elizabeth the first.

London was amazing. We were only there for three days, but we did more in those three days than most people do in a month. We took the Harry Potter tour, went to Stonehenge, went to all the Palaces, visited many museums, saw Big Ben and went to Scotland Yards.

When we got home, we were both tired and in so much pain, we could hardly move. I told, her, we forgot to do one thing in London. We forgot to get a Leeds escorts massage.

A Good Laugh

Happiness | Posted by Charlie
Feb 21 2015

Okay so here we go. I am taking a huge leap of faith on this whole dating thing because I just set up a darling blind date with some dude from Birmingham escorts. Yea I know crazy idea on my end but we will see how it goes I guess. I am super tired of being the third wheel with my friends so I am going as a couple with this fine man on Friday night. I will need all the luck I can get though because honestly I have not been on a date in almost three years so I am lacking in the skill department. I know my friends will get a chuckle out of this because I always moan and groan about hating men all the time so this is a huge step for me. I am hoping that after the chuckling is over they will all get over it and welcome us into the couples night!

Here I Come London

Dating | Posted by Charlie
Feb 14 2015

The business I work for held a conference in London a few months back and I would have to say, it was the best conference I had ever been to. We all stayed at a lovely three star hotel where we had pristine service and all the amenities we needed. We even had Newcastle escorts bring us to our conferences and out to dinner. There service was impeccable and I couldn’t of asked for a better escort. I had not been on a vacation in years and although this was work related, it still was seemingly perfect. Four days in London gave me the chance to relax, get to know my co-workers and have a break from my everyday life. It was much needed and by the time I got home to my family, I was refreshed and ready to take on anything that came my way.